Independence Church is behind Gary Dickens, who manages the Fort Berthold Council of Congregational Churches.

Music is an important part of the services at Independence UCC.

Independence Congregational is thankful for its members and families. Some of these families include: Kip & Delta Black Hawk, Judy Black hawk, Calvin & Amera Black Hawk, Leonard Charging, Linda Baker, Francis & Ina Mae Driver, Joyce & Donna Standish, Mildred Rough & Children, Christine White Owl, Dinah Black Hawk,, Sierra Little Swallow, Desiree Little Swallow, Julia White Eagle (honored Elder), Arlene Charging, Helen Baker, Melva Driver, Kayla Driver, Josephine White Owl & Children, Farley Youngbird, Gladys Judy White Owl Black Hawk, FayAnn Moberg & sons Tyrell & John, Garcia, Jennifer & Holy Walks, Marcia White Eagle, David Charging, Jr., William and Ethel Reeves, Delia Cello, Maria Cello & Children, Kathy O’Berry & Children, Frances Smith Swift Eagle, Beverly Bolman & children, Theresa White Owl, Darlene Goodbird Finley, Gloria Charging Fast Dog, Patricia McKenzie children, Tillie Walker (honored Elder), Reba Walker, Hans Walker


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"A thankful Spirit is like sunshine on the fields."