Independence Church

Music is an important part of the services at Independence UCC.

We, the Congregation of the Independence Congregational Church, believe in and love the Lord Jesus Christ. We seek to Live The Word. We know Who we are and we know Whose we are! We may not know what Tomorrow holds but we know Who Holds Tomorrow!

We carry on the Christian tradition of our relatives who saw a God of Glory over one hundred and twenty five years ago, though we have no forgotten our own Tribal Ways, traditions and our culture. We believe that Christ died for us and lives in us. This is eternal hope.

We have faith “to go on, not knowing – I would not if I might – I would rather walk in the dark with God Than go alone in the light; I would rather walk with Him by faith than walk alone by sight.”

We believe that, without love we are “noisy gongs” and “clanging cymbals” and that faith, hope and love abides but the greatest of these three is love. (1 Corinthians 13 excerpts).

Throughout its history, Independence Congregational Church has weathered many storms. Today, the church building is in need of more work. Our congregation is raising funds to build a new basement foundation, a new roof and to take care of other maintenance issues, so that it can be used for services. The cemetery is utilized by relatives of former and present members and also requires upkeep. We cannot abandon our church or plans because the people still need us. We welcome your support and prayers.

"A thankful Spirit is like sunshine on the fields."