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Bazile Creek is considered the “Mother Church of the Dakota Assocation.

Newly ordained hospital chaplain celebrates unity written by Mary Garrigan, Rapid City Journal staff on October 16. 2010

The Rev. Susan McMillan Kains celebrated her Mohawk ancestry and her Lakota friendships during her ordination into the Christian ministry on Oct. 10.

Kains has been employed as chaplain and coordinator of spiritual care at Rapid City Regional Hospital since November of 2009. She received her formal installation from the Black Hills Association of the United Church of Christ.

In keeping with the Year of Unity declared by the state of South Dakota in 2010, the ordination service, held in the Placerville UCC camp chapel, included many multicultural elements and emphasized the healing touch that Kains has demonstrated between cultures.

“I have been coming out to the Pine Ridge area for 25 years,” she said, “and I always wanted to live out here on the prairie by the Black Hills, so I finally decided to do it.”

Charlotte Black Elk, an Oglala Lakota elder, molecular biologist and attorney for the Black Hills Steering Committee, spoke at the ceremony, and Pastor Byron Buffalo and his wife, Toni, sang Dakota language hymns. 

A Maori translation of the Lord’s Prayer and a traditional Irish hymn also were used. The Rev. David Felton, interim conference minister of the UCC, led the laying on of hands.

The Rev. Bruce Herrboldt, pastor at South Park United Church of Christ, where Kains is a member, said the Placerville church camp was a perfect spot for her ordination.

“Where else would you place such an important spiritual event, but in the heart of the holy Paha Sapa, a place that has always been seen as a ‘thin spot,’ a place where it is easy to sense God’s spirit and find healing for your soul,” Herrboldt said.

Kains and Black Elk prepared a traditional Lakota meal after the service that included buffalo, frybread and wojapi. An offering to benefit the Eagle Butte Learning Center on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation was taken.

Following pictues and text was supplied by the Dakota Association.

Here are a few pics from the ordination of Susan Kains, Chaplain and Coordinator of Pastoral Care Services at Rapid City Regional Hospital. Susan invited DA folks to come participate in the service. Attending were Toni & Byron (Toni had just landed at ! PM from San Diego to give a presentation and the service was at 2 PM, they got there just in time). Also there Mike and Adella, Louie and LeRoy Bobtail Bear. They sang three Dakota hymns and participated in the laying on of hands. A traditional meal followed---Buffalo shepherds pie, wojapi and fry bread. the event took place at Placerville Camp in OUR beautiful Black Hills.


On Thursday January 22, 2010, a severe ice storm hit South Dakota....link

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